Pesco Supply is a dynamic international sales and distribution organisation focused on the international brands category. A passionate and professional group committed to delivering service and customer satisfaction, by achieving leadership through excellence in customized service and in our chosen international channels and emerging markets.

Global operation

Pesco Supply has about 20 years experience in servicing our clients with a broad range of products all over the globe. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we supply our goods in full (mixed) loads to a wide range of sales channels.

The Company has been supplying a wide range of products to local, Duty Free, Diplomats, Embassies and various missions in both developed and developing nations since 2002. Our long-standing involvement in this industry has given us a unique understanding and respect for both the cultural sensitivities and diverse societies.

At every interaction with our products and customers we strive to satisfy all our client’s needs and expectations.

  • Non- Food / Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Duty Free
  • Border shops
  • Embassies & Diplomats
  • Military bases
  • Shipchandlers
  • Cruise lines
worldmap pesco supply operating trade markets

Buying and selling is our engine, but it is our service that truly fuels our business concept.

Caspar Pessers | CEO and founder of Pesco Supply